Boom Bucks Online Slot Rating and Review

Boom Bucks Online Slot Rating and Review

The Boom Bucks slot machine from Betsoft will transport you to a time when large casinos were filled with gleaming, mechanical machines that dominated the slot floors. Boom Bucks provides you with a screen that is reminiscent of games from many decades ago. It has three reels, flashing lights, and various fruit symbols, but there are only five paylines total. Play it for real money on whatever device you want to get a genuine throwback slot experience and get your hands on jackpots of up to one thousand credits each spin; however, special features are not included in this offer.

The Boom Bucks slot machine, similar to previous versions of slot machines, has extra bonuses that may be won regardless of the amount of the wager that is placed. This game provides you with the opportunity to rack up incredibly lucrative additional payments on top of what you already earn by matching symbols in the conventional manner. It also includes a one-of-a-kind reward wheel that has the potential to make any session far more interesting. In this comprehensive analysis of the game, you will learn all there is to know about its unique features, awards, and betting limitations.

How to Play the Online Slot Machine Boom Bucks

Because Boom Bucks is about as straightforward as it gets when it comes to slot games, it is an excellent choice for gamblers who have just little experience playing slot machines online. To get started with the game, all you have to do is click the “choose bet” option to make your wager selection. There are just two bets available for you to pick from, and the difference in cost between them is 4 credits and 8 credits for each spin. You may start the game manually by selecting any of the bets and pressing the start button. You can start the game automatically by selecting the Auto Play option. You may also stop the reels manually anytime you want by using the start control, which is located on the side of the machine.

The game’s primary payouts are awarded on the bottom screen, which also has five paylines that players may use to increase their chances of winning. When you are using a computer to play the game, the game symbols will always be shown in the top-right corner of the screen, so you will always be able to see them. Each payline will also be accessible to you at all times. The slot machine contains a set of 10 typical fruit symbols, and the payouts for each of these symbols are awarded in the form of credits. If you choose to place the minimum wager, the payouts will begin at 20 credits and continue all the way up to 100 credits for each winning combination. If, however, you play with the second bet, you will be eligible for greater rewards, ones that start at 30 credits and continue all the way up to a total of 200 credits every sequence. In addition, as a result of the peculiar bonus reel that is located to your right, you will have the opportunity to earn additional prizes while you are participating in real money online slots play.

Even though it’s been around for a while, the classic slot machine game Boom Bucks may now be played on mobile devices as well. BetSoft repackaged the slot machine not too long ago in an HTML5 version, which means that it can now be played on mobile devices running iOS as well as Android phones and tablets. You may play the game manually by touching the giant spin button on your screen, or you can access the Auto Play controls by hitting the menu button.

Free Spins and Other Features of Boom Bucks

When playing BetSoft’s Boom Bucks slot machine, you are eligible for the standard rewards whenever you gather three symbols that match on an active payline. The bomb, the bar, and the pear are always going to be the symbols with the largest payout potential, regardless of the quantity of the wager that you place. These symbols have the potential to provide rewards of up to 60, 200, and 200 coins every sequence, respectively, however the value of these prizes will be reduced if you place less than 4 credits in each round. In addition, any payouts that are triggered by them will be paid out independently of the additional rewards that are awarded by the Boom Bucks wheel.

The Boom Bucks wheel functions in much the same way as a traditional lottery wheel, with the exception that it is managed by the additional reel to your right. This reel rotates at the same time as the other three reels in the game, and the only words that appear on it are “go,” “stop,” and “boom dollars,” which determine how the bonuses are given out. When you push the button labeled “Spin,” the huge wheel will choose a reward for you each time. If the “go” symbol appears on the special reel, then this reward will be added to your Bucks Meter in addition to any other bonus prizes that you have previously accumulated. If the reel stops on one of the “stop” positions, the Bucks Meter and whatever awards it has already awarded are reset to zero. If the reel stops on the “boom dollars” symbol, then you will get a payout equal to the total number of credits remaining in your meter.

The amount of money that you wager on each spin of the lottery wheel will determine the rewards that are awarded. You may spin the blue wheel and win rewards ranging from 5 credits all the way up to 100 credits if you spend 4 credits throughout each round. If you increase your wager, on the other hand, you will unlock the red wheel, which contains rewards ranging from 12 to 200 credits.

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